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Dangerous Killer Plants Pack

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Nikolay-Smorgun, Jun 20, 2017.


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  1. Nikolay-Smorgun


    Jan 12, 2016

    Every day dozens games appear. To make one game a creator need a lot of time. In this case game ready 3D models, like Dangerous Killer Plants Pack, will be very useful for game developers.

    Fantasy world is fascinating and full of interesting characters. It excites imagination and interest.

    In games we love to pass obstacles, explore new lands, mystical jungles, forests, etc. Of course, the plot is the main thing that developers should do. But environment plays important and not the last role in game process. It always attracts, it brings colors and life into a game world.

    If you want to make a fantasy world with mystical creatures, you will definitely need magical plants. Animated 3D plants can make great visual impact. Moreover, they will revitalize the game.

    But trees and plants can be not only a decoration, they can be also a kind of hindrances and enemies on the character’s way. And the more they are active and diverse, the more interesting the game is. So, be sure, that their functions works well.

    There is no need to think and create game enemies. We have already saved your time and created them for you.

    Let us introduce you a pack of real killers in plant world. Items of the Dangerous Killer Plants Pack will be suitable for fantasy games and plants will serve as active dangerous obstacles for the character.

    The pack includes 7 types of 3D plants:
    1. - Cactus;
    2. - Mad willow;
    3. - Opuntia;
    4. - Pot plant;
    5. - Red flower;
    6. - Spitting plant;
    7. - Tree.
    Some of them look really very cute and harmless. But that’s only for the first view. Be aware of them because they can beat, poison or even eat you.

    Simple pot plant can make a lot of harm to your character. Very unusual and unexpected enemy, isn’t it? Cactus and opuntia are not safe in real life, and in your game they will be dangerous creatures that can kill. And such an innocuous tree as willow will inflict irreparable damage to the character, if he gets into its territory.

    But if you be brave and fight with them, you can kill the plant, stay alive and move on.

    So, what exactly to expect? Let’s consider shortly their functions.

    Plants of Dangerous Killer Plants Pack have next number of actions:

    -watch out for you (wherever you go, it will spin on its axis and follow your movements);
    -attack (if the character come very close to it, you will be beaten);
    -eat (unfortunately you will be eaten by red flower, if imprudently step on it);
    -react on the beating;
    -fight (want to fight with a tree? Here you will have this opportunity);
    -shoot (the character will be attacked with poison by spitting plant);

    As you see, models have different protective and attack reaction. So, your gamers will not get bored. It will be not easy task to pass such active and aggressive plants. Gamer must be attentive and agile.

    Our 3D models are well designed, mechanically functional, easy to use animated dangerous plants. They are ready for different animation, games, apps, etc. Also you have ability to resize items in order to adapt them to your environment.

    The code is done modularly for maximum customization for you. You can have your effects, inserts and other actions.

    Just move 3d plant into the game and you will get a ready-made element of the game.

    We are sure that the variety of items in this pack can save your time and help with game creation.

    Use our Dangerous Killer Plants Pack and create interesting and exciting games.