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Feature Request custom post-processing effect with urp2d?

Discussion in '2D Experimental Preview' started by ttt1088, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. ttt1088


    Nov 7, 2019
    There is some solution for urp custom post-processing,but seems nothing can do with my project.
    I used ppv2 to do my custom effect before,but I also need camera stacking.urp 7.4 has supported camera stacking to 2d Renderer,but sadly,I found it not supported with ppv2.
    custom renderer feature is a way to do custom effect in feature renderer,but I can't find any topic about when 2D Renderer will support it.
    So is there any other solution to do custom post-processing effect with urp2d and camera stacking?Or can you tell me how long I have to wait for the ppv3 custom effect?
  2. rev-light


    Aug 25, 2017
    Any updates for this? It's pretty important. Dare I say, extremely? 2D Renderer could use some more love.