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Resolved Custom Pass to rerender object with a special rendering layer

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by rikoo, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. rikoo


    Nov 17, 2016
    Hey, hope you are all good :)

    I would like to render objects with a special rendering layer with another material.
    So far I have tried multiple things but nothing worked.
    I tried reproducing in simpler the HDRP draw renderer.
    I followed these ideas also:

    My code:
    Code (CSharp):
    1. protected override void Execute(ScriptableRenderContext renderContext, CommandBuffer cmd, HDCamera hdCamera, CullingResults cullingResult)
    2.     {
    3.         var result = new RendererListDesc(shaderTags, cullingResult,
    4.         {
    5.             rendererConfiguration = PerObjectData.None,
    6.             renderQueueRange = RenderQueueRange.all,
    7.             sortingCriteria = SortingCriteria.BackToFront,
    8.             excludeObjectMotionVectors = false,
    9.             overrideMaterial = m_OverrideMaterial,
    10.             overrideMaterialPassIndex = 0,
    11.             layerMask = ~0,
    12.         };
    14.         RendererList renderList = RendererList.Create(result);
    15.         renderList.filteringSettings.renderingLayerMask = m_RenderingLayer;
    16.         HDUtils.DrawRendererList(renderContext, cmd, renderList);
    17.     }
    There m_RenderingLayer is something like "1 << index".

    But it does not do anything, even when commenting the filter line.

    Does anyone have an idea? Or a tutorial to follow to create a custom pass?

    Have a nice evening :)

    I found the solution, the code is almost right.
    The only thing to change is the overrideMaterialPassIndex, 0 is invalid and on my material it was the 5(the last one available) that was working. But I will write an editor to be able to pick the pass wanted.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2021
  2. merpheus


    Mar 5, 2013
  3. rikoo


    Nov 17, 2016
    Yeah, I already saw that
    I will try to reproduce one of them, thanks for the help :)