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Custom mesh with compute shader works on 2 out of 6 pcs

Discussion in 'Shaders' started by youhadiseltube, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. youhadiseltube


    Jun 6, 2020
    Custom mesh made with compute shader works on 2 pcs but doesn't work on 3 other ones.
    They all run windows 10, 2 that work are nvidia 1660 and some old amd laptop. 4 that don't work are nvidia 1660ti, ati radeon hd5850 and some integrated gpus.
    All drivers have been updated.

    In systems where my custom mesh is invisible, players can still see the other meshes.

    Also I should note that not only is the mesh invisible but also has no colliders. It's completely missing.

    I use 2 compute shaders to tackle the data regarding the custom mesh with 8x8x8 threads, but i tested with a lot of other configurations too.

    I tested with HDRP and URP. Tested with custom materials as well as standard ones.
    Note that the same material applied to custom mesh was applied to another game object which was visible.

    I can't find any resources about this issue online and I would really appreciate any sort of help or direction as I am at a quite an impasse due to not even being able to debug this issue.
    I tried running shader debugger but it all seems fine as far as I can see...

    Could it be some issues with directX or something along those lines?

    I made sure to wrap my shader to run at d3x11.