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Question Custom Avatar Mask not working - no animation playing at all

Discussion in 'Animation' started by LeFx_Tom, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. LeFx_Tom


    Jan 18, 2013

    I'm struggling with the AvatarMask/Animation layer system and i don't fully understand, what I'm doing wrong here.
    This is the situation:

    • I have an animated mesh of a non-humanoid thing (a machine), which imports as generic rig and creates it's avatar from imported mesh
    • We added some extra game objects to the hierarchy in prefab and duplicated/modified one of the animation clips that was imported. The clip itself plays back fine when scrubbing through it and all objects move as they are supposed to.
    • We want to add this animation on an extra layer and use an animation mask, to make sure that this layer does not affect the looping general animation of the model
    • as I have learned, you need to create a custom animation mask for that via code, which I did with this script:
      This worked fine, the mask contains all transforms
    • I applied this mask to the new animation layer and added the edited animation clip to a state
    • when entering playmode and triggering the animation, the clip plays back, but NO transform/rotation animation gets played back - the clip is working though, because i can see the active/inactive toggles of gameobjects, which is also animated in the clip
    What we tried:
    • Removing the layer mask: the clip plays back just fine then - so it contains valid animation(but I would really like to get the mask working)
    • Creating a custom avatar for the animated model as well (via code) and added it to the animator (no change)
    I don't get why it is not working. Can anyone help out here and give some guidance? Is it a bug?