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Question Custom Attribution Service Questions

Discussion in 'Unity Ads & User Acquisition' started by QuadrantGames, Nov 16, 2023.

  1. QuadrantGames


    Jan 10, 2016
    I have looked over the documentation and there are many questions I still have on how to implement an 'in-house' attribution solution.

    I have created the impression and click urls for my custom domain that take these parameters:
    Sever-to-server integration tracking URLs (

    From what I can tell, the 'ifa' will be filled out with the google advertising id for android and the idfa for ios. In cases where LAT is enabled the ifa will be '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', meaning you need to rely on this 'gamer_id' value to determine the unique user.

    Is the 'ifa' value ALWAYS filled out with google advertising id for android? Is the 'gamer_id' present for android?
    I need to know a consistent way to check unique users on my server, and if the 'gamer_id' is always present for both platforms it seems like the better choice for pk in a tracking table, please let me know if this is correct.

    In order to match the tracking links to valid install, I also have exposed an install url for my custom domain that I will call from the unity game on startup. The server code is responsible for determining whether the install is either organic or attributable (that is to say it matches a database entry in the lookback window created from the impression/click events) and calling the Unity Ads postback endpoint for installs that can be attributed.

    Server postback URL requests (

    The postback requires the idfa (which I can get on non-lat from Device.advertisingIdentifier) or the the google advertising identifier (which I need to get from direct android calls since Unity decided this is not worth exposing). However, for LAT cases I also need to supply the gamer_id.

    Since the ifa value is unreliable in IOS LAT cases, I need a way to get the UnityAds gamer_id and send it in my custom install url, so I can forward it to the unity ads postback. Additionally, if I make the gamer_id my pk for the above reasons, I would need the gamer_id for android as well. How do I get the UnityAds gamer_id from code so I can send it to the install endpoint?

    All answers appreciated.