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Games "Cube Survivor" Need of Game Testers!

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by Mwester, Apr 14, 2017.


Did you have fun playing?

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  1. Mwester


    Mar 13, 2017
    Hi all!

    I have recently been working on a small survival game (More similar to COD: Zombies, not Minecraft Survival), and I would really love some feedback from the Unity Forums community! Sharing the game with my family and friends can only get me so far. Please note that this game is still in early development and is likely to change or alter in the near future.

    Any feedback is welcome, especially some good meaning criticism! (I also don't mind the occasional complement on my project...). Please post replies and comments talking about whether you enjoyed playing the game or not, if there were any large bugs that need fixing ASAP, things you particularly liked or disliked. Your feedback will help make this project the best it can be! Thank you very much for the support of the Unity Community.



    Here is the link to download "Cube Survivor":

    Here are some screenshots of the current stage of the game's development:
    Screenshot (1).png

    Screenshot (3).png Screenshot (4).png Screenshot (5).png Screenshot (6).png View attachment 226888
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