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Looking For Contributor Crypto Play to Earn Gaming Company Forming. Get in on the ground floor.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by TheCharmingBard, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. TheCharmingBard


    Dec 13, 2021
    Introduction & Summary

    Think the biggest crypto Pay-to-Earn game ever! You won't want to miss this opportunity to get into the core group of the project. Why Pay-to-Earn I mean it's obvious who wouldn't want to play or make games for living? I mean that's why we're all here right now isn't it? So why shouldn't the world make money while playing our game? I have a vision where people all over the world can play a video and it change their lives for the better. People no matter what background, race or country they started out in could find a way like they never expected to make a living from a video game! It's not a fantasy this is the future. Join me on this project.

    Who am I? I went to University of Florida where I studied bioinformatics, software programming, while taking classes in engineering, digital art, business etc. I have worked in research and development companies such as NASA, Redwire, General Electric and more. I have always loved video games my entire life and have been working on storyboards, side quests, and designing my own video game for nearly 10 years now. Recently with the development of Play-to-Earn crypto games I see where my vision will come to life. So now I need a team who can share this vision with me and bring this game to life. Join me you won't believe how amazing this project is and how exciting it is. It's not some crazy project that will take decades to come to life. This is something we can bring to the public in a year or two and we can get investors for in just a couple months.

    Project Type/Genre & Platform

    Solo and Co-OP Fantasy Adventure play to earn game. initially PC and added to steam marketplace. End goal to get it on console and phone marketplaces. I want to eventually be able to offer it to everyone easily.

    The Idea
    Okay it's not as simple as this, but think Genshin Impact style adventure that is play to earn instead of play to win. I cannot go into much more detail without a NDA signed which is required if you're selected to join the team.

    For ten years I've been working on the story of the game. I have created unique factions, created unique characters, created the world, think of a lord of the rings length adventure I've completed book one of a 6+ book adventure. With lots of room for side-quests and more. I have also outlined book 2 and 3 which each book is a complete expansion to the game.

    I have secured the website, social media, and started work on the crypto currency that will be used as well as flushed out most of the mechanics for the game. I have had some professional board gaming artists do the work on some concept art and designs.

    I have mapped out a business road map, already have funding targets and I am setup for how we will get our funding from multiple investment organizations that I am already meeting with and in contact with.

    From this point on I will be working with a core group I am now looking to form. This group will be the heads of the company and will be the ones who get to design the game and make it their own.

    I'm looking for people with strong skills:

    Unity Designers and Programmers
    Art (Unity Artists, CG animators, concept artists)
    Sound (Music, Sound effects, voice-over)
    More writers for side-quests

    Payment structure
    You can choose a set one time payment for the work or take crypto currency that will be used for the game similar to stock options.

    If you have faith in the project and the vision I suggest taking the crypto as it's far more likely when the game goes public you'll be set for life and will be in the best job ever, but it's up to you if you just want to be a contractor for the project or if you want to be part of the team.

    What We Are Looking For
    I'd like to start with finalizing about 7 characters and some enemies. I then would like to make a cool CG teaser trailer for the game and the main website with some very small clips of game play. I need some music and sound effects for the trailer. I will be working on the crypto currencies, website and funding. I mainly need the trailer to show during the funding period. Once we get that done and have the funding we can move forward at making the game with the funding taken care of. The last game that went through the same funding channels we'll be using raised 31 million dollars with just a small 30 second cg trailer that had about 8 seconds of actual game play and it wasn't even a Play to Earn game. The largest play to earn game is making billions of dollars right now.

    PM here
    or email me at: