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Bug CrossFade Blend duration being ignored

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ValkyrieAnim8, Nov 7, 2023.

  1. ValkyrieAnim8


    Aug 7, 2023
    I have about 50 animation states selected between for starting to move (strafe, kneel, prone, both walk and run, 8 directions). I have these start anims on 2 layers because i need one joint (a steering reference joint) not to blend.

    I am using a custom state machine to trigger these anims through the Animator.CrossFade(), however, I have been noticing that Unity frequently doesn't obey the cross fade's blend duration. In this case where layer 1 absolutely requires a 0 frame blend for that one joint, what end up getting is a smooth transition. I have tried switching to Animator.Play() and have the same result. Even if the base layer crossFade is also set to 0 both layers still blend smoothly.

    I need a way to stop this. ChatGPT was stumped, I am stumped.