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Question Creating custom ui to fetch data from Analytics

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by sheryl_unity471, Jan 13, 2023.

  1. sheryl_unity471


    Jan 13, 2023
    I am working on a game and integrated that with analytics, I am aware it gives good insights using custom events. The interface is good for me to check game analytics too.

    However, I am looking at a dashboard that I can create and fetch data from analytics so that my customers can also see the data. Is it possible through some APIs that Unity provides?
  2. RandolfKlemola


    Unity Technologies

    May 1, 2020
    Hi sheryl_unity471!

    Very interesting. What is the goal of allowing your users to see the data in your game? What kinds of things do you want them to see, exactly? Do you want to display some part of their data in your app, specific to each individual player?

    I look forward to hearing more!