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Crashes in Builds - "Attempt to access invalid address."

Discussion in '2018.1 Beta' started by Little_Gorilla, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Little_Gorilla


    Oct 11, 2013
    My Beta testers on Windows machines are reporting random crashes.

    In some of the log files there is nothing logged when the build crashes. It will be writing to the log normally and then just blank.

    But in others the common crash has been:
    ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 'Attempt to access invalid address.' (Address: 5195776B)
    0x5195776B (UnityPlayer) (function-name not available)

    The crash dump and log files are attached and the Unity version is 2018.1.0b9

    Apologies if this is the wrong place for this post, it seems that the bug reporter is for editor crashes only.

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  2. Peter77


    QA Jesus

    Jun 12, 2013
    Nope, the Bug Reporter tool is how Unity Technologies wants us to report bugs, no matter if editor or player issues. Make sure to follow their bug report guidelines to increase your chance that they process the report. Don't forget to post the bug-report case number (not the link) in this forum thread as well.

    If you found a bug in Unity, it's recommended to submit a bug-report following the advice given in this document.

    Using the bug-reporter seems to be an important step, because it makes sure the report is in Unity Technologies bug-tracking pipeline, has to be processed at some point and you can kind of track if it's fixed. Using the forum is often used to add to a little more attention to a bug-report, but does not replace submitting the bug-report.

    It's from advantage to attach a project to the bug-report that UT can use to reproduce the issue and test their fix against. Attaching a video to the bug-report that shows how to reproduce the issue and the issue itself, has been proven useful too.

    The easier an issue can be reproduced by QA, the more likely it is to get forwarded to a developer, who might or might not work on a bug-fix for that at some point.

    After you submitted the bug-report, you receive a confirmation email with a Case number. UT often asks us to post the Case number in the forum thread, which allows them to find that bug-report if they look at your post.

    Following these steps will increase the chance that UT is looking at your issue tremendously.
  3. Tautvydas-Zilys


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 25, 2013
    We'll need a bug report on this one. Looks like some kind of memory corruption.