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Courseware videos not covering material in tests

Discussion in 'Unity Certification' started by Enialis_Nailo, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Enialis_Nailo


    Jul 12, 2020
    I'm about halfway done with the Unity Certified User Programmer course, and so far haven't been thrilled at the content of the videos. The practice quizzes are asking me questions that were never covered in the video lessons, if I didn't already have some basic programming knowledge from C++ then it would be impossible for me to know some of this stuff.

    I initially bought this course because I wanted something more advanced and fast paced than the current Create with Code class, but as of right now, the free Create with Code class taught me more, faster than the expensive paid version. If the free course aimed at K-12 is somehow more comprehensive than the paid certification then what exactly did I pay for?
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