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Copying body position from one avatar to another leads to wrong bodyRotation/bodyPosition

Discussion in 'Animation' started by chris_vbw, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. chris_vbw


    Nov 7, 2019
    In our application we need to copy the humanPose from one avatar to another one. The source avatars bone positions are calculated via root motions VRIK. While copying the human pose it seems that the bodyRotation and bodyPosition is not applied correctly on the destination avatar. This leads so some sliding behaviour that can be seen in the following video.
    The source avatar is controlled by three ik goals. One for the head and one for each hand.

    The avatar in the front left is the source avatar and the avatar in the right back is the destination avatar.

    When looking at the destination avatar you can see the feet are slinding a little in comparison on the source avatar you can see the feet actually stepping on the floor.

    Apart from this the white line is drawn from the head bone of the source avatar to the position where the head bone should of the destination avatar should be. After moving a little the ik goals of the source avatar you can see that the end of the white line is moving away from the destination avatars head.

    In the code i just copy the humanPose from one avatar to the other.
    Somebody knows where this error could be coming from?
    Thanks a lot in advance!