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Control the Tracking Type for multiple cameras pre-XR Plugin

Discussion in 'AR/VR (XR) Discussion' started by GenericJoe, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. GenericJoe


    Apr 27, 2012
    Hi, I am enhancing my project by adding VR support, and I'm using Unity 2019.

    I'm finding it a bit confusing at the moment as the XR support in Unity feels to be in that half way house between the old version and the new plugin. I have some questions hopefully someone can help me with?

    Are Tracked Pose Drivers intended for use with the "old" XR Settings (now marked as deprecated in 2019) or the new XR Plugin Management?
    If not, then how would you control the Tracking Type for multiple cameras? For example if you want Position change to affect one camera, but not another?