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Feature Request Consistent Middle Mouse behaviour for Focused Inspector / Shortcut

Discussion in 'Editor Workflows' started by Thygrrr, Jul 30, 2023.

  1. Thygrrr


    Sep 23, 2013
    Focused Inspector ("Properties") has a problem - the default shortcut is comically similar to both (or all three?) of the Play Mode short cuts. It's also hard to type with one (left) hand while navigating with the Mouse in the other.


    Consistent UX principles would dictate this "Open in New Tab"-like feature behaved like "Open in New Tab" on most other applications.

    Background: I used to map it to CTRL-Space, similar to Preview on MacOS or Windows Power Toys (but I'd now prefer to use that for the Quick Search, which is more like Spotlight and thus also a good fit).

    So... today I mapped the Properties shortcut to Middle Mouse button, and... it's pretty great! :) Well, almost!

    Unity Editor behaves like a web browser now. It even respects other places where Middle Mouse means something else. Including to close tabs (even in Popout Windows) and Scene View.

    Except for ONE place. (several, actually, and they are unnecessary detractors)

    #1 The Focused Inspector itself
    If that is popped out as a floating window (which is the non-configurable default), Middle-Clicking on its tab just instantly reopens it if Middle Mouse is the Properties Shortcut. The window flashes white, and is right where it was. This impedes what could have been a super intuitive workflow.


    It should:
    - close the window.

    That would be amazing. All the other windows do this (e.g. Console, etc.), and if the Focused Inspector tab is docked somewhere else, it already closes as expected.

    Some other windows are similarly affected, see below:

    #2 Preview Pop-Out
    If inspector Preview is popped out as a foating window with Properties Shortcut mapped to Middle Mouse button, middle-clicking on the Tab of the Preview Popout will close (and re-dock) the Preview, but it will also immediately open a extra Focused Inspector for whatever you were previewing (or maybe Selection.Current). This action is super rare, so it's technically wrong, but not a problem.


    It should:
    - not open a new focused inspector

    #3 The Inspector Contents
    (Focused and Normal Inspector both) When middle-clicking anywhere into the Inspector, you get a new FocusedInspector for the ENTIRE contents of the inspector. (probably from Selection.CurrentObject)

    It should:
    - do nothing when clicking on an empty area in the Inspector.
    - Open the Focused Inspector (Properties) for the Component if it was clicked on the "Title Bar" of the component.
    - open the Focused Inspector for the Object or Asset if it was clicked while hovering over an Object Field

    Right-Click->Properties already does that very well, that's the middle-click behaviour I would expect.
    Properties for a hovered Object Field has same right-click pattern, would be great to get that from Middle Mouse Button if mapped.

    #4 Game View (edit mode)
    Middle Clicking Into the Game View in Edit mode opens a new focused inspector for the Selection.CurrentObject.

    It should:
    - just do nothing.

    This is aggravated by #1, which impedes closing unwanted floating tabs if they're Focused Inspectors.

    #5 Game View (play mode)
    In PLAY mode, however, this situation gets out of hand, Middle Mouse will open TWO focused inspectors there. This is a bit of a hard dealbreaker, my game needs Middle Mouse for camera control. It formerly used CTRL-Space, which caused the similar effect while that was my properties shortcut.


    It should:
    - just do nothing.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2023