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Community Component — PAX East 2020 Highlights

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by ashley_unity, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Dec 18, 2016
    Community Component — PAX East 2020 Highlights

    Today we’re giving a nod to some of our favorite Unity-related experiences at PAX East 2020! Check out the fun we had at the event and discover new and exciting games to play.

    It’s always great to spend time with our community at special events and PAX East is no exception! This massive celebration of all things gaming began this past Thursday in Boston and we were there to partake with a booth dedicated to our Overtone community.

    Our friends at 10 Chambers Collective joined us all the way from Sweden to showcase an exclusive hands-on demo of their co-op survival horror FPS game, GTFO. Throughout the show, players who joined the GTFO community on Overtone were able to experience a new GTFO level while using Overtone’s communication tools to survive as long as possible. You can check out the Overtone Developer Program to learn more about these features and how they can be implemented into your games.

    Whether you were gaming, attending panels, or cosplaying at PAX East — Made With Unity experiences could be found beyond our booth in surprising ways!


    The PAX East show floor gets packed with hundreds of games each year. We spent all four days visiting as many as we could and came across new gems and familiar faces using Unity that we’re excited to share with you all:

    Manage a post office as two kiwis in this delightful co-op game by Stonewheat & Sons. The game is making good use of Timeline & Cinemachine, Prefab workflows, custom components, and Unity Asset Store resources like Amplify Shader Editor.

    This gorgeous 2D side-scrolling game by Navegante uses Asset Store plugins like InControl & the Ferr2D Terrain Tool. The game also achieves fun lighting tricks by modifying Unity’s standard shaders.

    Shadow of the Road
    Shadow of the Road transports you to the end of feudal era Japan, pitting you against steam-powered machines and other mysterious enemies through turn-based RPG gameplay. The game looks gorgeous thanks to great implementation of the High Definition Render Pipeline, Timeline, Cinemachine, and Visual Effects Graph. The developer, Another Angle Games, even shared a comprehensive tutorial on creating vfx inspired by the game!

    Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
    Explore a cute 2D pixel art world and evade your taxes in this quirky game by Yukon Wainczak & friends. Usage of the Universal Render Pipeline and Unity tools like Tilemap, Prefab variants, and scriptable objects helped significantly increase the game’s performance.

    Mini Maker: Good Enough!

    Mini Maker: Good Enough! is a sandbox game where you can get fun, creative, and weird while sculpting minifigures. The small team at Casa Rara were able to quickly develop their prototype of the experience thanks to helpful plugins from the Unity Asset Store. PaintIn3d gave them the essential features needed for “painting” on geometry, having brush shapes and sizes, and more. Bolt, a visual scripting tool, enabled the team’s designer to script all the game’s missions and play a greater role in directly implementing design decisions into the Unity project.

    Kerbal Space Program 2
    Our friends at Private Division had an incredible booth where guests could catch a sneak peek of the highly-awaited space flight simulation game, Kerbal Space Program 2! The game is currently in active development, adapting Unity features like Addressable Assets to contextually load the game’s massive universe.

    There are many more Made With Unity games we want to share with you all in upcoming features. Until then, here are a few more of our PAX East favorites:

    Hardspace: Shipbreaker

    Drone Swarm

    Shovel Knight Dig

    PAX East Surprises

    Beyond the scope of games, we even found a PAX East panel moderator that was created using Unity! Deep Learning with Merrill Grambell is the first show completely hosted by artificial intelligence as it interacts with real-life industry panelists, leading to hilarious discussions and confusing group chants. Catch the whole panel on YouTube:

    Lastly, no con would be complete without amazing cosplays. We found @flowerbricosplay & @savage83 dressed as The Knight & Hornet from the beloved Made With Unity game, Hollow Knight!


    We want to hear from you!
    We hoped you enjoyed this special edition of the Community Component. Let us know if you were inspired by anything we featured from PAX East, or what other community projects you’d like to see us cover!

    Don't forget you can share your Unity creations with us by posting with the hashtag #MadeWithUnity on Twitter, Instagram, the Unity Forums, or the official Unity Discord Server. You can even drop a reply below to show everyone what you're working on. We can't wait to see what you're up to!
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