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The Commercial: Jobs, Commercial: Job Seekers, and Non-Commercial Collaboration. subforums will be closed to new posts beginning on October 31st. Until that time we recommend users cross-post any existing job seeking, hiring, and seeking collaborator threads on Unity Connect.

Commercial: Job Seeking. Read Before Posting.

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by Aurore, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Aurore


    Producer Unity Technologies

    Aug 1, 2012
    Any Collaborative (non paying) threads found or reported in this forum will be removed and you will have to post again in Collaboration and wait for approval.

    This area is for those looking for a paid job and a place for you to advertise yourself to potential employers.

    Please include;

    • The position you are looking for.
    • CV.
    • Portfolio.
    • A way to contact you.

    Here are some guidelines you will need to follow;

    • Rates/money and contracts should be negotiated in private conversations with interested parties/individuals.
    • Unity and any moderator/administrator of its systems are not responsible for resolving any conflicts as a result of contracted work.
    • If you find yourself in a conflict with an employer please resolve this in private.
    • If your post does not meet these requirements they may be closed or deleted.

    I'd like to bring it to everyone's attention that any department or persons of Unity Technologies are not responsible for;

    • Transactions or contracts formed between parties as a result of recruitment from the Unity Developer Network
    • Resolving disputes on contracts or agreements formed as a result of recruitment from the Unity Developer Network

    Any contract work acquired on the forums is done entirely at your own risk. This is an open community on the Internet so be wise. If you have a bad experience please try and resolve this issue with the relevant parties in private. The Support Team and Community Team are not legally trained and cannot offer you advice or resolution.

    Here are a few tips.

    • Do your research, Google, Linkedin, portfolio sites etc.
    • Check references, contact previous employers/employees for recommendations.
    • Have a Skype meeting.
    • Make a contract that is agreed on and signed by both parties, this goes both ways for employers and employees. Clearly state the asset(s) to be received/provided and consequences for not delivering on assets or payment. Include payment method and rate as well as content delivery method.
    • Never give full payment in advance.

    If in doubt contact your local law enforcement agency or attorney for legal advice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.