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[Coming Soon] Amega Controller

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by paifu, Jul 7, 2023.

  1. paifu


    Jul 15, 2012
    Hello fellow developers,
    I am curently coding a 3rd person roguelike since 4 years now : Cyndaria
    It was my first 3D game; I released before 3 others games on Steam but all in 2D so I was stuck mainly with the 3D controller itself.

    I tried many others controller on the Asset Store, but could not get them to do what I wanted from them.

    I wanted a controller with a lot of freedom of movement like the one we can have on a Zelda, or Genshin Impact game.
    Free climbing, swimming with underwater fight, charged attacks, combo, bows, melee system, flying, gliding, etc..
    Therefore, I started to code from scratch my own controller with all the Unity native features: Player Controller, Cinemachine Camera, new Input System, Rig System and Scriptable objects.

    I hope you can find it usefull for your own project. It will be release on 2 parts, each one at 60 USD.

    1 - First the [Amega Controller] itself ready to quickstart any projects with a 3D character and all the animations included. I created those one with Cascadeur a wonderful app even for beginners. Featuring also the special movement abilities (fly, swim, climb, combo, charged attack, trajectories, melee system, etc.)
    Easy to access by code with an enum state machine and a lot of parameters to adapt the controller at your needs.

    2 - Secondly an extension to the controller will be released after that: [Amega Game Logic]
    This asset will handle all the RPG aspect with scriptable objects to handle the inventory, weapons and items, the leveling and stats system, damage system.
    In addition, of course a equip system with many Override controllers to handle every type of weapon equipped and all the new animations to go with them.

    At term will be added to the Amega Game Logic asset: scriptable effects (debuff, explosions, etc.) and more importantly the enemy IA to complete the set.

    A video to see those assets in action:
    [Amega Controller Video]
    [Amega Game Logic Video]

    Amega Controller Description:
    Amega Controller is a full-fledged third person controller ready to kick start your projects.
    Provided with sounds, animations and a 3D character, with complex sets of movements and combat controls.
    Support rooted and non-rooted animations.
    Free movements to your character with classic RPG controls: sprint, crouch, jump, evade, parry, and throw.
    In addition, a complex attack system with combos, charged attacks, attack trajectories, and an enemy lock system.
    - Physic simulation to push rigibodies, get pushed and apply downwards character weight.
    - Air abilities (double jump, glide, propels and fly).
    - Climb System on any surface, with an endurance system.
    - Swim System, with underwater dive and underwater attacks, plus an oxygen breathing system.
    - Head and torso aiming.
    - Death ragdoll
    - Directional damages.

    86 Animations, and 68 rooted animations. (Created with Cascadeur).
    25 Sounds.
    Use the built-in Unity Character Controller component, new Input system with gamepad support, Cinemachine cameras, and Rig system.
    Enum State machine to easily visualize and modify the character state and substate in game.
    The available demos are using Unity URP materials. Tested on Unity 2022.3.0
    You Tube channel :