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Combat flight simulator project

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Semi, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Semi


    Aug 15, 2011
    Game idea:
    I would like to set up a working combat flight simulator in Unity, not in one shot but do it in small steps, gradually adding features to it. At the start the goal is to have just a model for the plane (a free model is ok to start I have many of them), a camera that follows it, and the code to make it fly with simple imput (it doesn't have to be perfect at this stage and Im pretty sure it will be easyyy to get this done), maybe also a simple terrain just to have reference of the altitude. After that is done, more complex stuff should be addressed like specific modeling of the actual plane, hud implementation, several camera views including cockpit, and improvement to the physics movement of the plane through code (based on the initial tests).
    At first i was planning to do everything myself but then realized I don't have enough C# experience nor Unity experience and that it would take me much time learning how to do everything in C#, time Im not willing to spend for now. Also with this setup i want to avoid the so called "bite more than you can chew" syndrome (being realistic here) because it would be a fairly big bite to do for me alone. So skilled C# coders are needed for this project, and I must say beforehand that there is "some math" involved in this kind of simulations as I already found out.

    This is posted under Collaboration for a reason, there will be no pay as to the work the collaborators do for this project, however there will be for sure an interesting sharing of knowledge between the group, and it would practically allow anybody to customise the project to make a different flight simulator. You can think of this as a generic set up of a combat flight simulator that can be later modified in its basic modules to suit a specific need. I don't want something that in the end is found to be unfeasible, but a generic skeleton that could be improved in its parts with not much of a headache. Because of the collaborative nature of the project there won't be any pressure on collaborators to get something finished or done, I expect everyone to do what they can and when they can, mostly for fun and challenge.

    I will contribute to the project in finding solutions to typical logical, programming (despite the fact I dont have experience in Unity and C# I do have programming experience), and performance problems that arise when trying to make a flight simulation, this include and is not limited to aerodynamic simulation, functions to obtain lift and drag, hud logic with pitch ladder solution, radars, maps, ways to avoid using raycasting for better performance, infinite world simulation solutions... Secondly I can model in 3d package and texture the models as I have experience with 3d tools. Thirdly I can make sound fx with audio tools, Im not very proficient at this but I already made some sounds for the engine that sound good to me at least better than many ones available to buy.

    With respect to the flight simulation I want the aircraft to be the Eurofighter Typhoon, basically for its appeal, and also influenced by the SEF2000 game that gave me so many hours of fun back in those days. But as I wrote it shouldn't be hard to replace the plane due to the genericness of the project.

    If you are interested in collaborating in this project you should send me a PM with some minimum information like name, age, why you are interested in the project, how do you think you can help, what are your skills and any other comment you would like to do or question about this, and a way to contact you back if you prefer other than PM.

    Hope to hear from you.