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Question Collisiontrigger problem

Discussion in 'Physics' started by ambla6882, Dec 26, 2023.

  1. ambla6882


    Dec 18, 2023
    Hi, I'm very new to unity. I would say I'm more like exploring what I could do with this at this moment.
    There was one big frustrating issues about collision and trigger and I couldn't find answer. So it would make my day amazing if I could figure this out here.

    I made tileset images and put collider in it as child, so my player can walk and jump on it.
    Then I made 'meteor strike' mechanic script to spawn prefabs from the top when I press 'A'.
    I added trigger logic for prefab to make it destroyed once it collides with anything other than 'Player' layer then show explosion effect.

    Due to size of the object, it collides to each other in the air and show explosion which is good as it means that collision trigger is working. But it passes through ground not making any collision trigger.
    I've been trying to find the answer for this, but no luck so far. It would be amazing if anyone could help me with this.

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