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Question Collision Trigger for Score Tracking

Discussion in 'Physics' started by MrSCooke, Dec 27, 2023.

  1. MrSCooke


    Aug 18, 2023
    Unsure if this is the appropriate spot to post this, but I'm struggling with my collision triggers to implement a scoring system for my game. What I want is for the score to update by 1 for each asteroid that the player spaceship successfully avoids. I've tried visual scripting methods that I've come across online and even the C# script that I included in a screenshot but nothing has worked so far.

    Also included a screenshot of the Offscreen collider I've created right below the spaceship game object itself. The goal of that was to be a point of where the asteroids collide with it, then it destroys the asteroids offscreen and adds +1 for each that's destroyed. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    Screenshot (46).png Screenshot (47).png
  2. ReoCyan


    Sep 25, 2023
    The object that is moving needs a rigidbody* and a collider. If you don't have any of these fix it. If not show me the rocket.

    *Static rigidbodies are not viable