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Question Collider LOD or Other Optimizations for Rope Simulation

Discussion in 'Physics' started by WillRGauthier, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. WillRGauthier


    Jun 3, 2023
    Is there a system comparable to level of detail for meshes, but for colliders? I'm simulating a rope from box colliders attached with character joints, and I'm worried about bogging down the engine. I plan on having a large amount of rope arranged in reasonably complex knots.
    I presume it would be performant if straight sections of the rope and/or sections sufficiently distant from active forces could have their colliders collapse together, but I suspect they'd also need to un-collapse if forces started affecting them.
    Admittedly this all may be premature, unneeded optimization since I'm still figuring out how to combine rope sections together into knots, but I don't have a good sense of what I can throw at Unity.
    Even if there's no such thing as collider LOD, I'm hoping to foster discussion about what options I have. Thank you for your consideration.