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Feedback Collective Unity Hub Feedback

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by MrLucid72, Apr 19, 2024.

  1. MrLucid72


    Jan 12, 2016
    1. For the love of anything, prioritize the fix (or internal workaround) for your breaking "Validation Failed" bug, where Unity QA finally admitted it's a Unity bug due to `sudo-prompt` after years of letting people believe it's their own fault by ignoring years of threads regarding this same issue [EDIT: Seems like a pending fix! Thanks @judesidloski ]

    2. If you are going to bloat the headers with things no one wants, at least allow us to hide/show what we want to see: Allow me to hide your proprietary collab and cloud stuff.

    3. Allow me to resize the header bar: I have a bunch of projects, so they are nested and organized deep. All of my project paths are `c:/users/myUsername/repos/` and.... that's it :)

    4. Allow me to hover over a path to see the full path as a tooltip.

    5. Do not opt us into your cloud services by default. Sure, show a tooltip when we first add a project to opt in if you want to push it, but don't just attach it as if's the obvious choice.

    6. Often, we need to match projects 1:1 - even LTS patches. Let us download *specific* versions via an "Archive" tab -- don't lazily link us to a website to dig, often defeating the purpose of Hub. At least for the latest LTS! I know Unity doesn't eat their own dogfood so they probably don't know that most folks collaborating prefer to use the same exact ver for numerous reasons, not limited to being able to bypass updating scripts to your ver each launch.

    7. When creating a new project, give us an option for just an "Empty Project" -- it gets confusing what's the "most empty" when I literally want nothing inside (eg: To wrap an embedded SDK for package testing -- or to simply test importing certain things -- or for any other reason). Not 2d, not 3d, not URP, just call it "Empty Project" with a (Not Recommended) option, if need, for the newbs.

    8. Detect if I already have Visual Studio 2022 *in any form* and uncheck it by default -- you're causing issues! You're not checking enough forms. I don't know how you're checking it, but perhaps use `dotnet` - I bet there's a way to check what VS is installed. Prevent issues before they happen.

    9. Add CLI call to accept "lts" as version like most others do (and defaulting to lts if version is left out): This is the universal standard for things like this.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2024
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  2. MoonMoritz


    Jan 30, 2022
    I'd like to add one detailing #8 a bit closer:

    10. Even if I don't have it; don't check Visual Studio Community 2022 by default if it has been unchecked in a previous install operation. Have it remember the last user setting like all other modules please (e.g. hub remembers fine whether I desire WebGL and Android or not, but holy cow I must have more interrupted/trashed/accidental Visual Studio Community installs in my closet than Blender artists have deleted default cubes in theirs)

    Rider and VS Pro / Enterprise users will thank you!!!
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  3. AcidArrow


    May 20, 2010
    Can it also become much faster and less ram hungry?
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