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Collaboration Bugs

Discussion in '5.4 Beta' started by localhost, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. localhost


    Dec 9, 2012

    I represent a small team working on small mobile games.
    We're currently using the collaboration beta, and it is amazing!

    It has significantly improved our workflow, and we're really grateful for it!

    Although, we are running into some issues that are starting to bother us:

    + We have a relatively small scene, with some environmental assets, characters and AI. The models in total are only a few mb, but the scene is somehow 180mb+. When a team member updates a part of the scene, unity actually uploads the whole 180mb. Is it possible to only upload the change in the scene, rather than uploading the whole thing? 180mb isn't that much, but every-time, every change, can get quite frustrating. Especially with a bad upload speed. :)

    + Sometimes Unity includes the scene in the upload, even if the scene hasn't been modified, and we are only doing something such as importing a model and uploading that.

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  2. Alex-Lian



  3. holliebuckets



    Oct 23, 2014
    @localhost I am extremely interested in your scene troubles. Do you mind popping over to the Collaborate forums? If you have the ability to submit a bug with the project attached, ping me the Case # over there and let's get you back on track! :)