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Official Collab Integrations Update! Now with JIRA and more!

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by Gurg, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Gurg


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 9, 2016
    Update: The Integrations feature has gotten an upgrade and is no longer just Collab specific.

    This was originally a reply to the webhooks sticky thread, but I wanted to make an open non-sticky thread for people to reply to so we can get feedback on what integrations to work on next!

    The Integrations page has moved! It is now in the "Settings" section of the Developer Dashboard instead of being in the "Collaborate" section. However, we left an Integrations button in the "Collaborate" section to the upper right to quickly take you there.


    Integrations now has the ability to integrate Collab with JIRA. Just follow the Integrations wizard to set it up. (Note: If you host your own JIRA instance and it's over a year old from the latest stable JIRA release, the API will be too different to support the integration.) After you do the setup wizard, any time you publish a commit in Collab where you mention the JIRA issue key-id in the commit message, it will automatically send an update comment to that JIRA issue about the commit.


    As you can see in the example, the commit message mentioned issue IS-1 and so it linked to it. It is case sensitive so that's why is-2 did not link to IS-2. When I made this test publish, issue IS-3 did not exist, hence why that is not linked.


    The integration feature has also been updated to support our new Bug Reporting service. You can now integrate it with Slack and Discord to make a post to a channel automatically every time you get a new bug report through the bug reporting service. The Bug Reporting integration does not support integration directly to JIRA at this time.


    All this can be set up through our developer dashboard website at
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