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Feedback Cloud Save experience review

Discussion in 'Cloud Save' started by igratim, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. igratim


    Feb 10, 2022
    First of all - this is a great service, thanks you guys a lot for this. We migrate to unity cloud save from firebase, and this is what we missing and think that whose feature will make user expirience with cloud save much better:

    1. Possibility to cimpletely clear database for app. Reason: When you test your app, and make some changes in data signatures or ways you store and organize user data - you deffinetly wanna simple way to clear all data and made fresh start. Now it's very complicated, because you need to made clearAppRelease or do this by hands by picking every user ID and delete data through console. And this became an impossible task if you have some friends of friends testers.
    2. Possibility to see all users that DB contains. Reason: sometimes you need to check or change some user data if you are in ealy stage, or, more complicated case - restore user progress, if he lost account and didn't logged in through some social media or lost access to the.
    3. Right now if you try to save JSOn string as a parametr - your system will serialize this json into json again - and it's will be made it undeserializable (without some tricks).
    4. Very strange size warnings - much better to have size limitations for whole db -that for 1 data set, becasuse in this way you force us to use some particular way to store our user data. Thats not best way on my opinion.

    Thanks and have a nice day!
  2. Unity_AndyP


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 23, 2021
    Hi Igratim,

    Thank you very much for this detailed review, it has really brought to light the things we are currently working on as well as the things we have spoken about and planned to work on in the future.

    For your first point, you are absolutely correct, we are currently looking into ways that you will be able to clear users' data in a much more simple manner than having to retrieve the userID and input it into the game management page. One thing that might be of interest for your use case however is that you can send players' data to different environments so they aren't mixing and can delete the environment afterward. We automatically give you Production and Stage environments but you are also free to create your own.


    I have recorded all of these points down and will pass them over to our development teams, as soon as I receive more information on these I will let you know. Once again that's for taking the time to give us this detailed feedback!
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