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Cloud build error when building for iOS

Discussion in 'Unity Cloud Build' started by B1ngo-, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. B1ngo-


    Mar 10, 2018
    i'm trying to build for iOS or Android for the first time and i get this error:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Signing credentials: Ball Shooter Build (iPhone Distribution: (**))
    2. 2: [Unity] DisplayProgressbar: Unity license
    3. 3: [Unity] An error occurred while resolving packages:
    4. 4: [Unity] DisplayProgressbar: Unity license
    5. 5: [Unity] An error occurred while resolving packages:
    6. 6: publishing finished successfully.
    any idea? can build APK just fine and no errors on PC.
  2. B1ngo-


    Mar 10, 2018
    I can't edit the title but the same thing happens while building for Android too :")

    Here's the detailed error message:
    Code (CSharp):
    1. 93: [Unity] Targeting platform: android
    2. 94: [Unity] Refreshing native plugins compatible for Editor in 0.05 ms, found 0 plugins.
    3. 95: [Unity] Preloading 0 native plugins for Editor in 0.00 ms.
    4. 96: [Unity] DisplayProgressbar: Unity Package Manager
    5. 97: [Unity] [Package Manager] Done resolving packages in 2.06s seconds
    6. 98: [Unity] An error occurred while resolving packages:
    7. 99: [Unity]   Project has invalid dependencies:
    8. 100: [Unity]     com.unity.modules.androidjni: Package [com.unity.modules.androidjni@1.0.0] cannot be found
    9. 101: [Unity]     com.unity.package-manager-ui: Package [com.unity.package-manager-ui@2.2.0] cannot be found
    10. 102: [Unity]     com.unity.timeline: Package [com.unity.timeline@1.1.0] cannot be found
    11. 103: [Unity]     com.unity.ugui: Package [com.unity.ugui@1.0.0] cannot be found
    12. 104: [Unity] A re-import of the project may be required to fix the issue or a manual modification of /BUILD_PATH/mostafa-hani.ball-shooter-cloud-2019-unity.default-android/Packages/manifest.json file.
    13. 105: [Unity] (Filename:  Line: 0)
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  3. ollieblanks


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 21, 2017
    This sounds like you may have Cloud Build configured to use a Unity version older than you are using locally for development.

    If this is not the case, please log a support ticket via the Cloud Build section of the Developer Dashboard and we will be happy to have a deeper look.