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[CLOSED] Character animator wanted for our fully-funded indie game

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by MortenAtFeelFreeGames, Nov 28, 2022.

  1. MortenAtFeelFreeGames


    Jul 1, 2020

    We are no longer accepting applications for this job.

    Thanks for the overwhelming interest in joining our team!


    We’re an experienced team who are having a lot of fun working on a retro country life sim with RPG vibes.

    Why don’t you join us?

    Are you a talented Blender character animator who excels at making stylised characters come alive?

    Do you have excellent character modelling and texturing skills in Blender and a proven track-record of using classic animation principles, for example, squash/stretch, anticipation, follow-through, overshoot etc, in your work?

    Do you enjoy the process of perfecting your characters and animations based on feedback from the rest of the team and external playtesters?

    Do you love pixel art, low-poly modelling/animation and old skool retro gaming?

    If so, we might have the perfect job for you.

    The person we’re looking for should be able to:
    • Transform concept art of a character into a textured and rigged low-poly pixel-art 3D character in Blender.
    • Convey story and dialogue to players via your characters and animations.
    • Use feedback to perfect your characters and animations through iterative design.
    Bonus points for:
    • A proven track-record as a character modeller and animator on critically acclaimed games.
    • Experience importing and configuring characters in Unity (including blend trees).
    • A passion for gaming and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of good and bad animations in other games.
    In return, we can offer you a full-time job on our team (40 hours per week), a salary that matches your skill level and experience - and a friendly and fun work environment without overtime and crunch time.

    Our office is based in the Netherlands.

    Working remotely is only an option if you can attend our daily meetings, playthroughs and developer sessions so you’ll need to be in or close to the Central European Time Zone.

    [Update: We are no longer accepting applications for this job]

    You're always welcome to visit our website to see other vacancies:
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