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Feedback Cinematic AR Narrative films with MARS - open thoughts

Discussion in 'Unity MARS' started by Dirrogate, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Dirrogate


    Feb 18, 2014
    Day two of exploring MARS, and my aim at looking at the package is from an immersive filmmaker's perspective. I'd like to put some thoughts out and some requests if possible:

    - A MARS film template example that can be run, which starts off with asking people to scan their surroundings, to create a runtime Navmesh of walkable areas on the floor, while identifying and creating MARS "proxys" for some furniture. Examples: table, chair, bed/couch, Wall, floor and labelling them. A stop scanning button to then begin an experience.

    - allowing an NPC (in filmmaking: "Actor") to be able to walk around without needing user to set a target to walk to. In short; a "wander around" script

    - If an NPC crosses a semantic tag proxy's collider such as chair, to make the NPC transition mecanim state to sit or laydown if couch or bed- with a probability slider (what are the chances of NPC transitioning to sit, laydown)

    This could be the beginnings of a revolution in filmmaking... if Unity get on it, before some competing Engine latches on.

    Note: I ask this from a non coder's - but creative tech point of view. Understandably the features and functions are already there in MARS (nav mesh example template for instance; but really -- I ran it in simulation and device view and... nothing. It needs an explainer / tutorial)
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