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Cinema 4D "simple" import/export issue (UVW mapping in world space)

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by NeatWolf, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. NeatWolf


    Sep 27, 2013
    Hi there!

    One of my current teammates can't export properly from C4D to Unity, in a way that the model keeps its UVW coords.

    Basically, we get the model to look properly in C4D but - it's probably something VERY noobish - we lose the world space UVW mapping when exporting.
    Even by using straight the C4D file instead of the FBX export.

    We're working in remote, and he's not a senior with mapping. So, we ended up creating a world-space gizmo of 1mx1mx1m to map, for instance, a room. And it looks good as long as it stays in C4D.

    When exporting, we still get a room mapped 1:1 per face.

    Is there anyone used with C4D and Unity to give us a few hints in the right direction?

    I believe we're missing something very obvious, but I can't figure out what.

    My final goal was to actually have him bake a smoothed triplanar mapping from C4D to be used on the model he exports, I found some tutorials around, but they're a bit too hard to follow for him (he's a friend trying to help the project, he works as a 2D artist/cartoonist, C4D is not his primary skill)

    Any help is welcome, thanks :)