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Question Choosing VR headset for ALS patient, only use of her thumb

Discussion in 'VR' started by tipsyfiddler, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. tipsyfiddler


    Jun 2, 2021
    Hello, hello--

    I would like to get a VR headset for my mother, who is dying from ALS. The disease is degenerative, and she is now fully bedridden. She can still control her thumb to type out messages on her iPhone. She can’t turn her head, so I am hoping to get a VR headset and a controller so that, within a video or game, she can change the direction she is looking, and to move through that virtual world. She doesn't need any of the cool motion sensors that make VR so exciting and life-like, cuz she can't move. She just needs a way of moving around within the game/video.

    What I am hoping someone here can give me advice on:

    1. Is there a simple controller that allows the avatar to move via the user's thumb, instead of the user physically moving in the real world? Or perhaps there is a way to use a mobile phone app to control the view direction so that user doesn't have to physically move? Mom only has her thumb. It’s not quick, but it can type and move a single stick on a simple controller.

    I have seen simple controllers with a control stick for the thumb, but those controllers were for operating other aspects within a game, such game settings. The simple controllers with a thumb stick that I saw could not be used to change the direction that the user was looking within in the game/

    2. Would an all-in-one headset would be better, or a PC headset be better? I’m guessing that a PC set-up might be better cuz it allows a greater range of settings for the controller. We only need to change settings so that her thumb controls movement, but such a simple setting change might require a PC?

    The extra wires with a PC set-up aren't a concern, cuz mom isn't moving around (i.e., it's not like she'll trip on the wires) But that might make a PC set-up a waste, cuz she doesn't need a physical "play area," or any of the motion sensors that make VR cool. Again, she just needs to move through a virtual world by using her thumb

    Her love is traveling, and I am hoping that she can take some virtual trips and explore the places she would like to visit. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

    Many thanks--
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