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Chess Engine & AI [Mobile, Multiplayer, More]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by IntuitiveGamingSolutions, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    Chess Engine & AI
    (Asset Store URL)
    An all-in-one solution to chess games in Unity that provides a .NET standard 2.0 compliant chess engine and AI module that allows you to effortlessly build your chess game and ship it to your customers on all Unity supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and more.

    Includes a fully functional chess game with many modes.

    • ️Fully featured commented/documented chess game.
    • Powerful .NET standard 2.0 compliant chess engine that drives AIs and games.
    • Copy chess engine state to simulate scenarios without affecting game.
    • Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King
    • En Passant
    • Check, Checkmate, Pawn-To-Queen, and all other valid chess moves.
    • Local versus play
    • Online play (Using Unity's Netcode package)
    • FEN & EPD string generation.
    • Load game state using FEN string.
    • Complete serialization & deserialization support.
    • Advanced AI module to easily add new custom AIs and scale difficulty.
    • Limit AI think time and search depth.
    • ‍Multithreaded chess AI.
    • Powerful Unity editor event implementation. (No coding required!)
    • Undo & redo support.
    • Mouse & touchscreen input supported out-of-box.
    • Supports IL2CPP, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android builds and more.
    • Custom gamemode support with included sample.
    • Custom AI toolkit for developing your own AI opponents.
    • Automatic tile dimension computation.
    • ️Extremely customizable.
    • ‍Great for beginners and professionals.
    • Hand written documentation and auto-generated API reference included.
    • Fast support anytime by contacting us at
    Included AI:
    • Doofus - an unpredictable, quick-moving, and aggressive chess AI who is prone to making mistakes.
    • Guy - an AI who values offense and defense equally that contemplates 'piece values' using as many threads as allowed to determine his best move. Values setting up checkmates over taking pieces. Uses all think time available.
    • Riddle - an AI who prioritizes removing pieces from the board. Uses all think time and as many threads as available.
    Easily deployed. Build and deploy your game on any Unity supported platform, operating system, or build mode thanks to the fully .NET standard 2.0 compliant implementation.

    Fast setup. Easy to understand setup with clear documentation. Get your chess game working in minutes with an easy to understand workflow. Simply import the package and you are ready to go.

    Well structured. Organized neatly into 'Core', 'Game', and 'Modules' to allow for easy navigation and modification without breaking any core features.

    Well documented. Comes with demo scenes, hand-written documentation, tutorial videos, and a generated API reference.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2023
  2. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    v1.3.6 has been published!
    • Adds support for serializing/de-serializing the undo/redo history for a match.
    • Updated documentation.
  3. anhd4399


    Jan 6, 2024