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Bug Character stuck after move it in Scene mode

Discussion in 'Animation' started by P1uma, Feb 16, 2023.

  1. P1uma


    Apr 26, 2022
    I'm trying to create a new animation, so when I finished I move my character in the Scene mode, then play the game and my character gets stuck in that position (1st pic) until I:

    1. Unable the animator: My character moves like usual, but no animations (2nd pic).

    2. Check "Apply Root Motion" (Animator): My character moves, but is "floaty" and fall so slow (3rd pic).
    When I'm stuck if I press the key that trigger the new animation, my character teleports to the location I create It. (4th Pic) If I enter in play mode from the position that I create the new animation I can move as nothing happen.

    Aditionally, I think that so many items appear in all my animations. Character's Hierarchy (5th Pic).
    Thank you so much !

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