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Question Character moves only when animation preview is on

Discussion in 'Animation' started by professionjay, May 18, 2022.

  1. professionjay


    Jan 21, 2022
    Hello, I've got problem about animator.
    I wanted to make character on canvas walk automatically, so I inserted animation with 4 images, and used RectTransform.Translate node with visual-scripting.
    However, when I played it, only the animation looped, and character didn't move.
    It moved only when I inactivated animator or when animation preview is on.
    To solve the bug, I replaced the visual-scripting nodes, played game with different options, and even changed name of all animator nodes and files, but the problem still remained.
    Here's image of my nodes. '속도' means 'speed', and '이동' means 'move'. Just in case, the names weren't related to the problem at all. (It means although I changed names with English, the problem didn't solve.)
    Hope someone can solve my problem.

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