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Bug Changing timeline current time too fast breaks animations

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by KemalGokten, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. KemalGokten


    Sep 21, 2020
    Hello everybody, I have a Master timeline which can be interactable via a slider(if slider value has changed then timeline will change to that value). I have nested timelines and in them, I have animations and signals. My problem is,

    If the slider is scrolled forward or backward too fast, then the timeline changes too quickly, and at the end of the behavior, the nested timelines in between cannot be played or the nested timeline before the slider scrolled cannot be completed. As a result, images or text remain fixed on the screen. You can check the images for better understanding.

    Check the before scroll for timeline.png -> timeline continue to play by it self. and USA flag and text is visible, at the end of USA nestimeline image and text will start to fade away.

    Check the after scroll to fast to france timeline.png -> timeline current time changes to fast to France nestedtimeline, UK is skipped nothing played for UK animations signals etc. However, USA image and text stuck while they were fading.

    I think this is not a bug, it is how timeline works. But is there a way around to handle this issue.