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Changes from Beta 6 to Release Candidate 1

Discussion in '5.2 Beta' started by Alex-Lian, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. Alex-Lian



    • Introduce EditorSettings.projectGenerationUserExtensions & EditorSettings.projectGenerationBuiltinExtensions.

    • On mac, sometimes MonoDevelop & XamarinStudio would open both.

    • Editor: Fix IMGUI brightness on GameView when in Linear mode.
    • Editor: Fix memory thrashing when Dragging and Dropping between panels, when the dragged object had a CustomEditor with no Preview.
    • PreferenceWindow: If external MD or XamarinStudio is selected, make it configurable to have .unityproj projectfiles be generated.
    • PreferenceWindow: show "MonoDevelop Solution Properties" whenever an external MD or XamarinStudio is selected.
    • WinRT: Fixed Networking sometimes throwing NotImplementedException

    The following are changes and fixes to 5.2 features and regressions...

    • Editor: Fix crash regarding RemoveVisibleRoot
    • Graphics: Fixed lights in deferred not working on some GPUs (e.g. Mac+Intel5300).
    • UI: Fix issue where setting main texutre to 'NULL' would use a white texture instead of the default material texture.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.