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Change entire spriteSheet from animation tree

Discussion in 'Animation' started by SuarescorX, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. SuarescorX


    Aug 8, 2013
    Hello, i've been looking some information about my dilemma in the forums but still no luck, so here goes :D

    I have a spritesheet with all the moves of a single character.

    This includes a lot of moves, walk, jump, damage, berserk, etc.
    also i have an animation tree which is surely a bad practice, since is too disordered

    The order goes this:
    1. Animator component has a controller
    2. Controller has the states (seen in the image above)
    3. States has the animations
    4. Animations has the sprites

    It works fine, and the animations are fluid, but there are a lot of characters (50 at least) which are having those behaviours as well, and i need to reuse those animations as much as possible.
    Since all the spritesheets has the same width and height, and the characters are the same size, can i only replace the spritesheet and keep the same animator, controllers and animations? if not, what could I do?

    Thank you so much for your atention, and sorry for my foreign English :D