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Bug CCD won't upload bundles which were build with "Pack Separately"

Discussion in 'Addressables' started by ChrissTman, Nov 1, 2022.

  1. ChrissTman


    Aug 11, 2015
    After building my addressables I have 2 bundles.

    Group 1 has "BundleMode: PackTogether"
    Group 2 has "BundleMode: PackSeparately", but has only 1 asset assigned to it.

    This will result in two asset bundles.

    The issue is, when I upload this to CCD via the "Build to CCD" (or previously ... publish) button it doesn't upload the result of Group 2 aka Bundle 2.

    This is the local build:


    We see one bundle in the root (that's B1). And another in the "individual_assets_assets" folder (B2).



    The catalog contains these URLs for the assets.. in which these paths are set:
    Bundle 1: path=/localization_assets_all_b6426c6d063201e671fa5323c804518d.bundle
    Bundle 2: path=/individual_assets_assets/301_content/targets/XXX.prefab_b8857792c42192e05b2d4615ff863bef.bundle

    The B2 has the extra folder path as a prefix.


    After uploading the bucket looks like this:


    I'm missing the B2. Is that because it is in a folder?
    If i would upload the B2 manually right into the root of the bucket, i presume i would have to edit the catalog? Is there a way how to automate this .. and not exactly by just finding the entries in the json and correcting them (In other words, by automating the exact manual tasks)?

    Am i missing something? Is this a CCD issue or an Addressable issue? I'm quite new with this so please bare with me.


    Finally, while inspecting the bucket, every file has a "path" attribute. What exactly is that? Since i think that this was supposed to be set.


    And why exactly does the generate folder contain "x_assets_assets". I wonder how much was the PackSeparately mode tested.

    Any hints or help are welcomed.

    (No errors in the unity console, but I think the CCD upload is called via shell and no output is ever seen. It could contain some errors, but I'm not sure where i would find any logs if they exist)
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2022
  2. Sebight


    Sep 26, 2020
    Bump. I'm having this problem too. Any updates on this?
  3. SebT_Unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 21, 2021
    Hi @ChrissTman
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Let me see if I can reproduce locally but this seems like it may be a bug.

    Is there a reason you wanted to use Pack Separately?
    I'm assuming that if both were pack together this scenario would work?

    I will post my results as soon as possble.
  4. ChrissTman


    Aug 11, 2015
    Thank you for your response.

    We wanted to use "Pack Separately" to have a simpler workflow while adding a new asset to Addressables. My usecase was to have 100 individually downloadable "prefabs" (to put it simply). And to register those 100 prefabs you would have to create 100 unique groups, which i wouldn't call ideal. (Or at least if i didn't miss anything)

    Therefore we've wanted to use one group with the "Pack separately" and mark it as default. Person adding a new prefab, would just simply have to mark the prefab as addressable, referencing it with AssetReference and finally bake & release.

    Indeed, when the group is set to default ("Pack Together") it works as expected, but everything is baked together and downloaded all at once.
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