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Question CCD + Addressables best practice/flow for content update?

Discussion in 'Unity Cloud Content Delivery' started by MatheusCohen, Dec 7, 2023.

  1. MatheusCohen


    Aug 24, 2017
    i have been using Addressables for the past years on a local setting without any hassle - but whenever i try to use remotes, and try to do content updates - things gets murky, and the tutorials never seem to really...explain well what to do

    right now, with the latest versions, i can simply define my profile with the CCD and click "Build To CCD" and thats it! super cool - however, no matter if i choose "Default Build Script" or "Update a previous build", i dont get a dialog box asking for the state file - and Both update the build on my phone...

    so im currently struggling to understand when to use what, and how to treat the following scenarios:

    1. new build with new content? i assume i just build both the app and build, it always works fine

    2. updating the content of a old build? right now, just building also works

    3. updating the content of a old build, in theory without affect a new build? not sure how to achieve this, but sometimes i would live to do a small content update for a segmented build

    by old/new build, i dont necessarily changed the build number, if that matters - as i may have 2 different 1.x for testing purposes

    also, not sure im supposed to deal with this with badges maybe? i tried using a Override to change the badge of a build, but that also failed - i never got a content change

    i feel very dumb as i keep reading stuff about the content state, and i feel im just missing something very simple to connect everything.