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(Case 1290128) [Android] Resources.LoadAll slow when (LZ4/LZ4HC) compression is applied

Discussion in '2020.2 Beta' started by kleicht, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. kleicht


    Aug 1, 2018
    I'm trying to load text assets from Resources folder with Resources.LoadAll<TextAsset>() method.
    In version 2020.2.0b9.3373 it became more then 10 times slower compared to 2020.1.11f1 if either LZ4 or LZ4HC compression is applied to the build.
    It gets increasingly worse if other packages/plugins create assets under resources folder. So more than likely it has to do something with resources folder size.

    Folder A
    byte asset size: 131072 byte
    byte asset count: 1
    Folder B
    text asset size: 256 byte
    text asset count: 600

    Reading text files only from folder B.
    (Version / Compression method / time )

    2020.1.11f1 DEF 167 ms
    2020.1.11f1 LZ4 140 ms
    2020.1.11f1 LZ4HC 155 ms

    2020.2.0b9.3373 DEF 66 ms
    2020.2.0b9.3373 LZ4 2100 ms
    2020.2.0b9.3373 LZ4HC 1911 ms
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  2. Claytonious


    Feb 16, 2009
    I would strongly advise you to follow Unity's published best practices for this as shown in their whitepapers and on their tutorials site:

    ... if that's possible in your scenario.