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Bug [Case:1190110] Unity Error and Crash when JetBrain Rider

Discussion in '2020.1 Beta' started by Lurking-Ninja, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Lurking-Ninja


    Jan 20, 2015
    Here is what happened (case: 1190110):

    - I thought I will try the Rider because I heard many good things about it.
    - I installed the Rider
    - Restarted my computer at the end
    - When my OS (Windows 10 Home) came online
    - Started Unity 2020.1 (playing around)
    - Opened the Package Manager and Installed the Rider extension
    - Opened the Edit/Preferences/External tools.
    - I have set the editor to the Rider
    - Result:
    - At this point I have closed the preferences because I couldn't go back to the full window.
    - I created a Test.cs file
    - I hit the ENTER so Rider would open up and I can edit the file.
    - Unity Editor crashed at this point.
  2. SugoiDev


    Mar 27, 2013
    I'm also on Windows and use Rider with Unity 2020 and didn't notice anything unusual.
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User


    It's installed by default, why did you have to install it?

    Did you deinstall it and install it again before filing a bug report?

    Did this happen after upgrading a project? How did you upgrade your project? Did you delete the Library folder before upgrading (keep only the Assets, Packages and ProjectSettings folders, upgrade and load your scene afterwards)?
  4. Lurking-Ninja


    Jan 20, 2015
    I uninstalled it back when I installed the Unity version and started the test project. I always keep the minimum number of packages I need.

    BTW, after OS restart the preferences window fix itself and Rider starts up normally from the project.