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Bug Can't install windows export module on Manjaro

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by DDAAVVIID, Dec 23, 2021.



    Dec 15, 2018
    So when i click the install button to install the Windows export module from unity hub, It looks like its working until it looks like its finished installing. Once it looks like its finished installing, I checked that it has installed, but it hasn't. And when I go to my unity editor and I click on the dropdown menu to select Windows, It only shows Linux. And when I try to export to Linux, It works perfectly fine.

    Also someone told me it was a bug and I reported it to the unity team.

    And my question is: Can I find any work-arounds? What are some stuff that I could try? That types of questions.

    What I tried:
    - Re-installing unity hub
    - Re-installing unity editor
    - Asked the same thing on Stack Exchange (the answer that I got was that it was a bug)

    I'm using Manjaro Linux if that matters.