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Question Can't find settings page for creating a Service Account

Discussion in 'Unity Ads & User Acquisition' started by buratino2000, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. buratino2000


    Nov 17, 2021
    1. According to this docs:

    Threre are no "Service Accounts" option in
    Dasboard ( => Settings => Organization/Service Accounts


    2. According to this docs:

    Also there are no "Service Accounts" option at
    Growth > User Acquisition > API Management.

    So, How to create Service Accaunt actually??

  2. Unity_Quinn


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 6, 2020
    Hi @buratino2000,

    Were you able to figure this out?

    One thing worth noting is that you need to have the "Owner" role to create a service account for your organization.

    If you're still experiencing issues, please create a ticket with us, and we'll help you create one and get up and running with the API. To create a ticket, please click on the question mark (?) icon at the top right of the dashboard and scroll down to the file a ticket section -> Growth -> Acquire

    Have a great weekend!