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Cannot run the same linux executable twice

Discussion in 'Linux' started by taowenbo1993, Sep 3, 2022.

  1. taowenbo1993


    Feb 12, 2022

    I wanted to invoke a linux executable twice to perform some rendering in parallel. While the first process runs fine, the second process would crash immediately upon startup, with the following error message:

    Full logs are here:
    I ran the executable on a cloud VM with Ubuntu 18.04 and one Nvidia Tesla T4 gpu. I built the executable using Unity 2022.2.0b4 on Mac OS. I used Xorg to setup two virtual screens (":0" and ":1"), one for each process. The xorg conf is at the end. The command I used to run the executable is the following:

    I thought it's something wrong with my project/code, but this happens even when I switch to an empty 3D URP project.

    Other details:
    * will fail regardless run-in-background checked or not
    * full screen mode set to "windowed"
    * will fail w/ resolution 600*600, and 1920*1080

    Xorg conf: