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Audio Cannot import any audio

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by yuhao_zhou, Oct 29, 2023.

  1. yuhao_zhou


    Oct 21, 2023
    I have this issue just from today with 2022.3.11. I can no longer import any audio (no matter convert format mp3/ogg/wav, touch). Audio imported before works fine, but new audio cannot be imported

    Unspecified error during import of AudioClip ...
    (Filename: C:\build\output\unity\unity\Modules\AssetPipelineEditor\Public\AudioImporter.cpp Line: 1064)


    Unspecified error during import of AudioClip ...
    UnityEngine.GUIUtilityProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

    I have no clue. Restart PC/software also dont help. Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2023
  2. SeventhString


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 12, 2023
    Do you mean that this issue only occurs on 2022.3.11 but not on earlier Unity versions? What was the last version you used where import was successful, and does it still work with that version today?

    For the error you're pointing, it seems to be related to the out-of-process importing tool, but the log is not really telling...

    Is there anything else popping in the Unity Editor console?
    What is the platform you're currently targeting?
    Does this happen to other projects with this version of Unity or just this one?

    Sorry for the ton of questions, but we should be able to have a clearer picture with these answers! :cool: