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Cannot copy file

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by MacGOODgames, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. MacGOODgames


    Dec 28, 2017
    We transferred from Collab over to Git when our team grew but since we've downsized we want to move back to Collab.

    I tried just reactivating it but it wanted me to re-pull all of the old pushes. Thought that might be a nightmare of conflicts so I thought I'd just unlink the project and create a new ID for it. Seemed like a genius move but now that I'm trying to do the initial push it's giving me the "Cannot copy file" error in Collab.

    After some research I found that deleting the snapshot works for some so I tried that but it's still giving me that error. Any other ideas? If there's a better method of going from Git back to Collab, I'm all ears as well.