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Cannot click on versions in Package Manager?

Discussion in '2019.1 Alpha' started by Flurgle, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Flurgle


    May 16, 2016

    I created a new project in 2019.1a12, and loaded up ProGrids, Cinemachine latest (2.2.8) then removed it. After removing, can't seem to press on any of the old versions, except for 2.1.12

    Edit: After a bit more time, If I click in odd places I can get it to select 2.2.0 (Which doesn't let me install it)

  2. LeonhardP


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 4, 2016
    Hi Flurgle,
    We have a fix for this issue that should become available in the next release or the one after that.
    optimise and Flurgle like this.