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Question Can you use a Single VR Controller to Control a Virtual Camera in Runtime?

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by mlavine96, May 7, 2024.

  1. mlavine96


    May 13, 2020

    I have never owned any VR gear and was looking for a solution to get real-time camera movement data into a Standalone game at runtime.

    I am curious if I purchase one controller, would be able to get proper calibration for Unity to receive its data to realistically represent a camera? Or do I need the headset and other controller to operate to operate it effectively?

    I'd likely buy an Oculus, since I won't be able to use base stations in my mobile setup

  2. ron-bohn


    Oct 5, 2015
    If I'm understanding you correctly, then yes, Unity can export to Oculus.

    You will ideally want to test anything as a user would be experiencing.

    It is possible to create VR scenes in unity before having a physical VR headset. You would build a scene as usual (though heavily optimized of course). You would basically just put a VR controller/camera in your scene when you are ready to build / test / publish. You can test your scene with a non VR controller to test anything that is not directly tied to your VR controller (I'm talking within unity, not the physical controller/headset).

    A fair warning...optimizing for VR is much more difficult that a desktop game or simulation. If you have any more questions, I build highly optimized 3D models that work great with VR...a pretty rare thing for non toon graphics.