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Discussion Can we split "Assets and Asset Store" forum in two to filter the "support noise"?

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by CodeSmile, Feb 3, 2023.

  1. CodeSmile


    Apr 10, 2014
    Currently we have about 95% or more "asset support" threads in the Assets and Asset Store forum which usually start out as a promotion thread by advertising the release of the asset.

    As the name suggests this forum is intended for both assets AND store discussions which I think is very detrimental to the experience of those looking for support and information about publishing on the store and any issues regarding rejection, payout, refund, sales, .. ie the Asset Store in general.

    Due to a lot of discussions and support going into individual asset threads, the first page on this forum contains only threads commented on in the last 12-24 (!) hours. Any thread that isn't asset-specific quickly moves to subsequent pages and is also hard to find via search due to the overhwelming number of asset-specific threads. I bet few who are interested in general Asset Store topics will register for email notifications in the current forum due to the amount of "support noise" they will receive.

    While there aren't many non-asset threads I believe we will actually see more of those threads opened and more value added for future Asset Store publishers specifically when such threads no longer have to compete with all the asset support threads and also fewer Asset Store questions will be posted under "General Discussions" (or can be moved).

    I thus propose to rename the current forum to "Asset Support & Promotion" (or similar) and to keep the content as is while adding a new "Asset Store" (or similar) forum for any kind of thread that isn't related to a specific asset on the store.

    What do you think about this proposal?
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