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Third Party Can someone please answer these question we have regarding the use of photon fusion.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by arjunxxxl, Jul 6, 2023.

  1. arjunxxxl


    Dec 16, 2017
    We are using photon fusion for our new real time game.
    We have following concerns regarding the stability of it:-
    1. Can the sdk handles the player count of around 100k monthly active users without experiencing any issues?
    2. What will happen if there is some bug in the sdk and it causing issues in our game and player are not able to play the game properly? Because we cannot afford to lose our player base because of such issues.
    3. Will photon tell us that it is in under maintenance so that we can at least tell out player that the game will not work for a certain time?
    4. When we move to premium pricing segment of photon, will they provide some kind of tech support to us?
  2. CodeSmile


    Apr 10, 2014
    You should ask Photon directly.

    But given the questions are rather vague I can answer some of them.

    1. Cannot be answered because "issues" could be anything. Will a company every guarantee that "nothing" will ever happen with their service? ;) It's also undefined what your 100k users will be doing. If they just idle most of the time it's quite a different scenario than a steady, several MBit/s data stream per player. Will these users be distributed evenly across each day and week, or will the game see 95% of usage only on weekends and most of them connecting in a localized region of the world?
    2. You should catch any such issues while testing the game before you publish or update the game, likewise you would test any new versions of the Photon SDK to ensure it works fine with your project.
    3. You can bet they will announce scheduled maintenance. That doesn't mean there will not ever be unexpected downtimes. It's the same for ANY online service.
    4. This should be detailed in their Pricing Plan descriptions.
  3. Lukeesta


    Jan 7, 2016
    1. Yes, Fusion uses the same cloud infrastructure as our other products. We have many games with over 100k MAU. For instance Stumble Guys alone had over 25 million DAU. In total across all games our cloud powers over 1.4 billion MAU. So your games CCU will be just a tiny drop in a large bucket and not cause any issues. In fact you will be much more likely to have scaling issues with other parts of your game such as your backend and account services.

    2. You need to play test extensively before launch. We can of course provide you with support if you run into issues during the launch but the turnaround time for developing fixes won't be fast enough. So you need to detect bugs in your code or our code before that and let us know about them. There have already been many high profile launches with Fusion such as Among Us VR, Breachers and many more and so far bugs in the SDK have not been an issue for them.

    3. Our cloud runs 24/7 unless there is an outage. We don't have planned maintenance time as we just cycle our servers in the background. Issues on the cloud that take a region down for a few hours can happen though in rare cases. We have a cloud status here and notify you via twitter if a region goes down:

    4. Yes you can get your own premium cloud servers with DDoS protection and 24/7 operations support on our enterprise cloud:
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